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As God has designed each Christian with certain interests, I feel impelled to speak about those things that bring concern to me, especially things that affect the body of Christ.

In my commentaries, I will make a distinction between "Christian" and "true Christian", "church" and "true church", and perhaps other similar points. I also never write satan with a capital "s". The reason for this is, I used to worship satan, and during that time I would never write God with a capital "g".

Listed below are some issues I wish to address. As time continues, items in this list will become links as I find time to write about them.

Currently predominant in my mind is what I call "The New Heresy", where the mind set of some teach that Christians must obey all the laws of one's country all of the time and obey all the commands of those in authority over us; that the Christian is completely subservient to the state. Suffice to say for now, the Apostle John was not on the Island of Patmos for a vacation. The link for The Heresy Of Absolute Obedience is now activated below.

Of course, the divorce, divorce and remarriage issue is another heavy matter on my mind. "Christians", especially some in the Assemblies of God to which I once belonged as an ordained minister, have developed the ability to twist the Word of God with the professionalism of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

I have developed many points about marriage, divorce, and remarriage, which may be viewed at

Close to that is the wide acceptance of New International Version (NIV), which I used to like and promote. I shall not do that again, for I have found through Independent study, that the NIV in the NT is often untrue to the Greek.

God bless
Pastor Pete Macinta

Current Commentaries

The Heresy Of Absolute Obedience - An old heresy revived has some Christians or "Christians" thinking they must obey government at all times. I will show from Holy Scripture and history this should not be, and this type of thinking will help the cause of the coming False Prophet.

Assembly of God Three-time-losers -- AOG adverisement carries a phrase you would never hear or see in 1970 in regard to ministers.

Commentaries to come:

As Good As The Watchtower - Some, not all, Assembly of God ministers handle the Word as well as the Watchtower.

The New International Version - The NIV Untrue To The NT Text
This will focus upon how the NIV does not accurately translate the Greek NT in certain locations.

Unable or Unwilling To Read - How some during the "debate" over the General Council of the AOG in regard to the credentialing of the divorced and remarried agreed that such should be credential give evidence they, at times, cannot, or will not, read.

Limiting or Eliminating Services - Many churches, especially some Pentecostal churches for no good reason limit their service times or have eliminated the Sunday evening or / and the midweek service.

The Fluffy Jesus - There has always been this devious undercurrent to paint Jesus as always "nice", "soft spoken", "never harsh". There needs to be balance. We need to see the Jesus actually shown in the Gospels.

Is all jealousy a sin? - You would think so by listening to some teachers today. Find out how 1 Cor. 13 has been taken out of context and much of the Word of God tossed aside.

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