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Church Planting

Church planting (starting churches) is a facet of Macinta Ministries

While a student of Northeast Bible Institute (later Northeast Bible College, now Valley Forge Christian College) I was a member of the North American prayer band and developed a desire for home missions.

When I was with the Assemblies of God (AOG), I had asked permission to start a church in Easton, Maryland. I was denied that permission, essentially because I did not have enough experience.

Not long after that, an AOG man about as old as I was, went to Easton apparently without going through the proper channels. I know of no disciplinary measures by the AOG in regard to this man going to Easton. He did start a church there, and left after a few years.

After pastoring three AOG churches, we were led by God to start an AOG church in Cambridge, MD. Again I was denied permission, but God turned that situation around and we came to Cambridge. Further details will be posted at a later date.

For four basic reasons, I resigned my credentials with the AOG in August of 2003, and declared the church in Cambridge an independent work.

An objective of the Cambridge church was, and still is, to plant / start churches as led by the Holy Spirit.

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